Ryan McCammack
Lead Pastor

Ryan was raised in godly Christian home where he not only heard the gospel, but was drawn to the feet of the Savior at an early age. After college, he earned a Master of Divinity from Baptist Bible Seminary and a Doctor of Ministry from Westminster Theological Seminary.  For more than a decade, Ryan has served in pastoral ministry in the Midwest.  In 2016 God led Ryan along with his wife Tricia and their seven children to Atlanta with a vision for planting a new gospel-centered, disciple-making church.



Rod grew up in the bible belt, in a family where faith in Christ was a daily practice.  He accepted Christ at a young age, and during his college years realized God’s call to serve in pastoral ministry.   He received theological training from Michigan Theological Seminary and Luther Rice.   After seven years of pastoral ministry in metro Atlanta, and sixteen years of corporate leadership experience he felt lead to join the Gospel Hope leadership team.  Rod and his wife Kerry have been married for eighteen years and have two children.



Jaylon was born and raised in Houston, Texas where his family taught him what it meant to follow Jesus. At the age of three, he faced tragedy when he lost his father due to an enlarged heart.  The Lord used this heartbreak in Jaylon’s life to cause him to begin to see God as his true Father at an early age. Jaylon discovered his passion for music as a child and started leading corporate worship while in high school. After earning his bachelor’s,  Jaylon felt called to join the Gospel Hope launch team in Atlanta.

Lynne Hall


Lynne was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama.  She was brought up in church and responded to the call of Christ at a young age.  God has shown himself faithful throughout the years of life given to her.  Thirty-six years of her Christian life have been shared with her high school sweetheart, lifelong friend, and husband, Robert.  They have been blessed with two children, who also have responded to the call of Christ, Robert Jr., and Jordenn. God also blessed Lynne with the gift of administration.  A gift that can be used anywhere, but she chooses to submit that gift back to God through serving in the ministry of Gospel Hope Church as it’s Administrator.



Kelvin was born in Lagos, Nigeria and raised in London, England. He was raised in a godly home where Christ was the foundation of everything they did as a family. Growing up primarily without a father figure his mother was a strong Christian influence who directed Him to a life of faith in Christ, eventually coming to accept Christ's call on his life at 17. After being adopted, his new found earthly father helped him develop his strong leadership abilities and organizational skills and, being blessed with a heart to serve, he chose to come onboard the Gospel Hope team and give his gifts back to the church working in the role of Service Coordinator.



Mikaila was raised in the Midwest. Though she heard the gospel at a young age she came to know and love Christ in college where she was discipled through a campus ministry and learned God’s heart for His glory in all the earth. After participating in college ministry for four years, a short time overseas and finishing her degree at a missionary training school, she followed Jesus back to Atlanta to assist with Gospel Hope’s missions ministry.


Zachary Fowler
Local Missions Coordinator


Zach was born and raised in Austin, Texas. He lost his father to addiction at an early age and lived in a broken home which warped his view of God. In his own hurt and sin, Zach led a life of rebellion through high school and early college until the Lord rescued him at the age of 20. God began healing Zach and stirred a passion for ministry to see others transformed by the love of God in Jesus Christ. Zach moved to Atlanta in summer 2019 to serve at Gospel Hope through young adult ministry and local outreach.