We exist to make disciples who are growing in the gospel as a family while on mission.

At Gospel Hope we believe that disciple-making is not A ministry of the local church, it is THE ministry of the local church.  In light of this, everything that we do is aimed at helping people grow in their relationship with God, in their commitment to their fellow believers and in their engagement with the world.



What we do at Gospel Hope flows out of who we are because of Jesus.  Our identity drives our activity.


The good news of Jesus’ work on behalf of sinners is the central theme of the Bible, and therefore should influence every aspect our lives.  To put it simply, we believe we never outgrow our need to live by faith in the gospel.   

Generous Stewards

God has been extravagantly generous to his people.  We desire that the lavish grace we have received propel us to be a congregation that is exceptionally generous with our time, talents and treasure.



The church is a family of diverse people united by the work of Jesus.  As a family we purposefully take responsibility for one another. 

Dependent Children

God’s people have always been dependent by design.  Because of this reality, we desire to be church marked prayerful dependence on the Holy Spirit as we strive to selflessly serve others.


Healthy things grow and multiply.  Disciples make disciples.  Leaders develop leaders, and churches plant churches.  We are committed to be a disciple-making, leader-developing, church-planting body of believers from our very inception.


Greatness in God’s eyes is not found in being served, but in serving others.  We want to be a church where servant leaders are consistently developed and deployed.