Many of you probably have had a Bible reading plan of some kind that you’ve done on your own. But this year, we want to run this race together. If you’re consistently in the Word, how can you encourage others in the church to be consistent? If you are not consistent in the Word, wouldn’t you love someone to come alongside of you to help you?

So this year, there will be two options for you as a part of Gospel Hope Church to read the Bible together with your church family.

  1. One option we will call “reading for distance”.
  2. Another we will call “reading for depth”.

READING FOR DISTANCE (The Story of the Bible)


This approach will give you the opportunity to read through the story of the Bible. Really, this is the best way to come to understand the Bible – as a unified narrative. It’s a single story that reaches its climax in the person and work of Jesus!

The OWNit365 “One Story” plan takes you through the key stories of the Bible in one year. The plan shows how the many stories of the Bible make up one interconnected story – God’s story. The plan calls for reading between one to three chapters of Scripture a day from three separate chapters (i.e. the main storyline and key cross references), six days per week.




This approach will give you the opportunity to read slowly through the New Testament, but in a way that groups the books together by author.

NT+ is a 6-day-a-week revolutionary way to read through the New Testament. Instead of reading straight through the New Testament, the NT+ plan is strategically divided into reading based on authorship. Five days a week, you’ll read one chapter in the New Testament. On the sixth day, you’ll read a chapter in the Old Testament that was referenced in the New Testament reading that week to give you context for its New Testament emphasis.


Our congregation can also sign up through the Bible App/YouVersion, which will give you the daily sections to your phone: